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© 2018 Cynetha Jade Design Studios, LLC

Remember that favorite teddy you used to carry around everywhere but had to ultimately do away with because it couldn't handle the years of abuse?  Well, meet TWO new teddies that are ready to follow you wherever you find yourself!  You'll love their cuddly appearance and their bling factor.  Bears have moveable limbs...and if you listen real closely, they tend to whisper sweet nothings in your ears.  It's almost un-bear-able!  ;)  Anyway, add them to your cart now and see what joy they bring!  Bear baubles are hung onto gold-plated earring hooks and have a total drop of 2.75".  (Please note:  Being that these bears have a ton of love to give, they are somewhat weighty on the lobes...but so darn cute!!!)

Teddybear Delight Dangles